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The writing assessment marking grids were initially devised in 2005 to support children’s development in writing. As a school we wanted to develop a tool that provided progression for each year group, aspiring to the highest standards without creating a formulaic approach to achieve a given standard. The child-speak statements provide effective self-assessment for pupils. When used as a marking tool, teachers can ensure misconceptions are addressed and children are provided with challenge in the next lesson.

During 2014 the grids were revised to meet the year group needs of the new national curriculum. The last 2 statements for each year group reflect the age related expectations and ‘mastery’ standards.

Over the last 2 years the Federation has moderated writing every half term using the grids and built up an extensive portfolio of annotated examples. This portfolio is regularly reviewed and provides an up-to date exemplification for standards within year groups.

The marking grids have a proven track record of raising attainment at our schools. Current in year data shows 73% of children are on track to achieve at least age related expectations in year 6.

The Federation would like to offer you the chance to purchase these invaluable tools at a fantastic offer of £200. You will receive hard copies of the marking grids and portfolio.

We are currently working on an on-line portfolio so teachers can access the materials quickly in any location. Buy the hard copies now and receive free access when it goes live!

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